• emu farms

    Farming Emus is a profitable business. They provide good meat as well some essential oils which are accepted cures for many health problems.
  • pheasants farms

    Pheasants are known for their attractive feathers and tail. These birds are also known for their ability to know geographical phenomenons like tsunami and earthquake.
  • emu farming

    Emu farming is a developing business in the Indian scenario. Even in the days of the global financial crisis Emu farming remained unmoved.
  • fancy chickens farming
    Fancy Chickens

    Fancy chickens attract all because of their colour. They are the new wave in chicken farming. These fowls adore the yard with their colourful features.
  • geese farms

    Geese are beauties of the yard. They seem similar to ducks. They have strong body and are similar to dogs and Gunie Fowls in protecting the yard from strangers and snakes.
  • fancy chickens farms
    Fancy Chickens

    Fancy chickens are attract all due to their colourful features. They lay around 60 to 100 eggs depending on the verity. 21 to 28 days are required to hatch the eggs.

Welcome to Maria Emu Farm

Welcome to Maria Emu Farm, the leading emu birds farm in Kottayam, Kerala. Maria emu farm is a well established domestic birds and animals farm including emu birds, pheasants, turkeys, guinea fowls, fancy chickens, quails, geese, ducks and rabbits which is located in Muttuchira, Kottayam, India. Birds farming is a fast growing profitable homebased business. The huge demand of birds, emu meat, emu oil and emu skin are the main reason for the growth of birds farming, especially emu farming. The most attractive aspect is that this business can be done easily in homes by whole family members as a leisure time activity. Maria emu farm is committed to provide their best birds products and services to customers. We offer all kinds of domestic birds services including selling of emu products like emu meat and emu oil.

Emu Features

emu features

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Mathew Joseph

Kurisinkal, Muttuchira

Kottayam, Kerala

Phone: 09895098145

Email: mariaemufarm@gmail.com